孫旻暐(Dr. Mein-Woei Suen)
姓名 孫旻暐(Dr. Mein-Woei Suen)
職稱 副教授
英國伯明罕大學社會心理學 博士
台灣國立政治大學心理學系 碩士
台灣國立政治大學心理學系 學士
專長 普通心理學、社會心理學、生理心理學
在校時間表 在校時間表
校內辦公室 M629
校內分機 1018
教師歷程檔案 https://research.asia.edu.tw/TchEportfolio/index_1/105100002
年度 論文名稱
2022 Meng-Hsiang Chen、Cheuk-Kwan Sun、I-Mei Lin、孫旻暐(MEIN-WOEI SUEN)、Yu-Ru Sue、葉品陽(Pin-Yang Yeh), Size reduction of the right amygdala in chronic pain patients with emotional stress: A systematic review and meta-analysis. Pain Medicine., PAIN MEDICINE, vol.5 pp.3013-3025, 2022
2022 Hamka、孫旻暐(MEIN-WOEI SUEN)、Yoga achmad Ramadhan、Muhammad Yusuf、Jui-Hsing Wang, Spiritual Well-Being, Depression, Anxiety, and Stress in Indonesian Society during the COVID-19 Pandemic: A Structural Equation Model (SEM), Psychology Research and Behavior Management, vol.55 pp.3013-3025, 2022
2022 Passakorn Suanrueang、孫旻暐(MEIN-WOEI SUEN)、KARL PELTZER, Gender Differences in Committing Suicide in Thailand, Journal of Mens Health, vol.18 no.6 pp.131-, 2022
2022 Passakorn Suanrueang、KARL PELTZER、孫旻暐(MEIN-WOEI SUEN)、Hsiao-Fang Lin、余志強(ER TZE KIONG), Trends and Gender Differences in Mental Disorders in Hospitalized Patients in Thailand, INQUIRY-THE JOURNAL OF HEALTH CARE ORGANIZATION PROVISION AND FINANCING, vol.59 pp.1-14, 2022
2022 Passakorn Suanrueang、孫旻暐(MEIN-WOEI SUEN)、Hsiao-Fang Lin、Tze-Kiong Er、Maria Michaela、Quilang Jamora, The impact of the covid-19 pandemic on anxiety, health literacy, and eHealth literacy in 2020 related to healthcare behavior in Thailand, Journal of Public Health and Development, vol.20 no.1 pp.188-202, 2022
2022 Bing-Syuan Zeng、Bing-Yan Zeng、Chao-Ming Hung、Hung-Chang Kuo、Yen-Wen Cheng、孫旻暐(MEIN-WOEI SUEN)、Yow-Ling Shiue、曾品濤(Ping-Tao Tseng)、Chang-Hua Chen, The efficacy and tolerability of antibiotics in scrub typhus: an updated network meta-analysis of randomized controlled trials, INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF INFECTIOUS DISEASES, vol.122 pp.461-468, 2022
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2021 Passakorn Suanrueang、Yong-Jiang Shen、林曉芳(Hsiao-Fang Lin)、Tze Kiong Er、孫旻暐(MEIN-WOEI SUEN)*、Fu-An Shieh, Gender Differences in Geriatric Syndromes as Mental Illness and Nervous System Diseases in Hospitalized Thai Older Patients, Psychogeriatrics, vol.21 no.4 pp.453-465, 2021
2021 孫旻暐(MEIN-WOEI SUEN)、林曉芳(Hsiao-Fang Lin)*、Jeaw-Mei Chen、Fu-An Shieh, Establishment of Homosexuality Attitude and Stereotype (HAS) Scale, TPM-TESTING PSYCHOMETRICS METHODOLOGY IN APPLIED PSYCHOLOGY, vol.28 pp.221-235, 2021
2021 Ni’matuzahroh(Ni’matuzahroh)、Valendriyani Ningrum、Widayat、Myrtati Dyah Artaria、孫旻暐(MEIN-WOEI SUEN)*, Pandemic Covid-19 and Health Care Workers Psychological Well-Being: A Cross-Sectional Survey in Indonesia, Nursing Open, vol.8 no.6 pp.3212-3221, 2021
2021 穆馬速(Massoud Moslehpour)、孫旻暐(MEIN-WOEI SUEN)、?宥德(Yu-Te Tu)*、Ranfeng Qiu, The Moderating Role of Gender in the Relationship between Ethics and Negotiation Style, Advances in Decision Sciences, vol.25 no.3 pp.26-41, 2021
2021 黃培軒、孫旻暐(MEIN-WOEI SUEN), 探討青少年偏差行為嚴重程度對社會助長效應之影響, 青少年犯罪防治研究期刊, vol.13 no.2 pp.67-91, 2021
2021 Chao-Ming Hung、Jiann-Jy Chen、Bing-Yan Zeng、Bing-Syuan Zeng、Yen-Wen Chen、孫旻暐(MEIN-WOEI SUEN)、Ming-Kung Wu*、Ping-Tao Tseng(Ping-Tao Tseng)*, Efficacy of different interventions to reduce pre- or perioperative blood transfusion rate in patients with colorectal cancer: A network meta-analysis of randomized controlled trials, Current Oncology, vol.28 pp.3214-3226, 2021
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2017 孫旻暐(MEIN-WOEI SUEN), 性別與教育—談性別刻板印象威脅效果與威脅減除策略, 醫療品質雜誌/Journal of Healthcare Quality, vol.11 no.2 pp.68-72, 2017
2017 孫旻暐(MEIN-WOEI SUEN), 親善醫療—成為青少年醫療伙伴必備的溝通技巧, 醫療品質雜誌/Journal of Healthcare Quality, vol.11 no.4 pp.96-100, 2017
2014 劉浩瑄、孫旻暐(MEIN-WOEI SUEN)、劉哲瑋、許雅棋、沈驞, 謬誤相關對大學生在中性國家態度之影響, 心理學進展, vol.4 no.2 pp.263-270, 2014
2014 賴淑華、孫旻暐(MEIN-WOEI SUEN), 從致殘者的心理調適過程淺談心理諮商理論的運用, 心理學進展, vol.4 no.1 pp.152-155, 2014
2014 張惠清、孫旻暐(MEIN-WOEI SUEN)、余培瑋、余嘉雯、黃詩涵、林翔梓、蔡心羽、陳韻如, 在記憶力作業上共同利益與性別環境對從眾行為的影響。, 心理學進展, vol.4 no.1 pp.146-151, 2014
2014 蘇完女(Wan-Nu SU)、林秀珍(Hsiu-Chen Lin)、孫旻暐(MEIN-WOEI SUEN), 一位喪偶女性的哀傷轉化歷程及其影響因數之探討, 心理學進展, vol.4 no.5 pp.674-683, 2014
2013 陳淑汝、李燕蕙、孫旻暐(MEIN-WOEI SUEN), 照顧中途失明者之女性配偶的壓力與壓力因應, 中華輔導與諮商學報/Chinese Journal of Guidance and Counseling, vol.35 no.2 pp.1-23, 2013
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2010 Chen HY、Wang CY、Lee MY、Tang PF、Chu YH、孫旻暐(MEIN-WOEI SUEN), A hierarchical categorization of tasks in mobility disability, DISABILITY AND REHABILITATION, vol.32 no.19 pp.1586-1593, 2010
2009 Hall N.R.、Crisp, R.J.、孫旻暐(MEIN-WOEI SUEN), Reducing Implicit Prejudice by Blurring Intergroup Boundaries, BASIC AND APPLIED SOCIAL PSYCHOLOGY, vol.31 pp.244-254, 2009
課程類別 課程代碼 課程名稱 年度
大學日間部 TP300329A 當代社會與性別議題 112
研究所碩士班 TP200243A 應用心理學專題研究(一) 112
研究所碩士班 TP200262A 應用心理學專題研究(三) 112
大學日間部 TP300186C 普通心理學(一) 112
研究所碩士班 TP200015A 高等社會心理學 112
大學日間部 TP300339A 畢業專題(二) 112