Department of Psychology, Asia University

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        The goals of this department are cultivation of psychological professionals. Integrating other domains and general education curriculum, the department will develop logical, synthetic and analytic thinking in the students and cultivate holistic psychological professionals with global mind. All these efforts are in accordance with the needs of the nation, and will fulfill the educational goals of this university.

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Unique Features in Development

*        Cultivation of professionals that “promote self-growth, and maintain psychological health” based on conception of “Truth lays at the very bottom of a question. Use it to help fulfill goals for others.”

*        Gestate psychological professionals with rational thinking and humanity concern, integrating liberal education and psychological knowledge.

*        Give consideration to theory and practice, train up students with integrative thinking and problem-solving ability in both psychologically academic theory and practical application.

*        Continuously investigate causation, therapy and prevention of psychological treatment and relevant policy for emerging psychological and behavioral problems. Originate the first Internet Addiction Prevention Center in the country.

*        Well-recognized teachers in clinical psychology and counseling psychology are available, being one of the few schools that cultivate both clinical psychologists and counseling psychologists.

Solid Lineup of Faculty

*        The Department currently has 16 full-time teachers, 1 Visiting Chair Professor (former famous teacher in National Cheng Kung University), 4 Associate Professors, 8 Assistant Professors, 2 Lecturers; and 1 Joint Professor; with 13 adjunct teachers, including 19 teachers with doctoral degrees.

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Explicit Educational Goals Conforming to International and Contemporary Social Trends

Undergraduate program:

*         Cultivate fundamental and professional knowledge in psychology.

*         Gestate capability to apply theory and practice of behavioral science in promoting personal growth and psychological health.

*         Apply psychologically professional knowledge to concern about emerging behavioral and psychological problems (internet addiction and self-harming), improving quality of life.

Graduate program:

*        Cultivate students with ability to research and develop, innovating academic theory and practical skill in psychology.

*         Research and develop, as well as apply relevant theory and skill in behavioral science, promoting and maintaining individually physical, mental and spiritual health or establishing psychological health and quality of life for community and organization.

*         Research and develop, as well as apply psychologically professional theory and practice, preventing and improving humanly psychological and behavioral problems, pursuing human welfare.

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Study Domains

*        Clinical Psychology: Research and development of psychological assessment, therapy and prevention for depression, self-harming, and internet addiction.

*        Counseling Psychology: Relevant research in group counseling and psychotherapy, career development and psychological potential development.

*        Industrial and Organizational Psychology: Relevant research in corporate human resource,  performance assessment for task force and employee health promotion project.

*        Experimental Psychology: Investigation in cerebral functions and emerging psychological problems.


Teaching Excellence, with Abundant and Diverse Opportunity in Clerkship/Internship and International Exchange

*        We are a teaching excellence university granted by Ministry of Education for eight consecutive years, with diversified instruction methods, improving students’ learning motives and developing students’ strength capacity through adaptive instruction of formal, informal and hidden curriculum.

*        Provide abundant and diversified practical experience and skill through service-learning and clerkship/internship programs, and further arrange clinical clerkship/internship in well-recognized medical institutions such as Taipei Veterans General Hospital, Taipei Medical University Hospital, Kaohsiung Medical University Chung-Ho Memorial Hospital, and China Medical University Hospital.

*        Encourage international exchange to promote becoming an internationally outstanding university, providing plenty of opportunity to study abroad.