Department of Psychology, Asia University

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Student Care Services

The Department sincerely cares about the education of the students, doing our very best to take care of students in multiple areas, which enables students to concentrate and focus on  learning and growth. These areas are briefly described as follows:



Scholarships and Grants


For purpose to assist students in successful study, especially for students under poverty line, the University establishes many types of scholarships and grants, and also all “indicated are achievable”.






Dormitory Service


For purpose to reinforce student service, the University particularly establishes Dormitory Section to assist students in various relevant issues of dormitory accommodation.






Learning Guidance


For purpose to reinforce students’ learning guidance, the University establishes “Learning and Career Development Center”, working in coordination with “Office for Teaching Excellence Program” to promote relevant issues.






Language Enhancement


The University establishes “International Language Corner” to resolve English-learning problems, providing various services such as education (study) abroad and mocks for English Proficiency Tests.






Salute One's Parents in the Morning and At Night


The University establishes “Center to Salute one's Parents in the Morning and at Night” to encourage faculty and students of the University using toll-free telephone provided by the University to salute their parents and family.






Career Planning


“Learning and Career Development Center” actively assist students in adjusting learning methods and improving learning efficiency, guiding students to prepare for employment started from freshmen and before graduation to improve competitiveness.