Department of Psychology, Asia University

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Greetings from the Department Chair

A Letter from the Chair

Welcome to the Department of Psychology at Asia University in Taichung, Taiwan. Psychology is the scientific study of human behavior and mental processes that has been developing since the late 19th century. New discoveries and applications for psychology continuously enhance the quality of life and well-being of humans. Psychology is important for individual development and society’s growth in the modern era. Currently, in the higher education, there can be no great university without a great psychology department. Along with the ranking of Asia University continuously moving to the top, the Department of Psychology has a goal of building and sustaining a strong hub discipline that is integrated with all other areas of science and humanities. Particularly, to promote the campaign of no health without mental health, the Department has renowned professors who offer professional training for both clinical and counseling psychology. The Clinical Psychology Center at the affiliated Asia University Hospital not only serves the community, but also provides students with the opportunity to engage in internships, thus strengthening their competitiveness in the job market. The Department launched the first Internet Addiction Prevention and Treatment Center in Taiwan, establishing a research program in collaboration with China Medical University. This program investigates the causes of addiction, develops prevention and treatment interventions and programming, and fosters training in relevant clinical skills in the treatment of psychological disorders caused by internet addiction. For the undergraduate program, the courses offered (in Chinese) by the Department are divided into three groups: Psychologist Training, Counseling and Clinical Psychology, and Industrial and Organizational and Social Psychology. Once enrolled, students have no restrictions in course selection and can freely choose courses within the three major areas to meet credit requirements. All-English Master’s and Ph.D. programs are also available to international students. You are welcome to join us in working together in this great mission of promoting psychological science and application. Please explore our website to learn more about the programs, initiatives, and mission of the Department of Psychology.

Be well and be wise.

Ruey-Ming Liao, PhD
Distinguished Professor and Chair, Department of Psychology