Department of Psychology, Asia University

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The Department of Psychology is proud to provide a variety of facilities for student training and developing clinical, counseling, and reserach skills. Students can utilize the counseling rooms one-sided mirrors to practice the develop their counseling skills in both individual and group settings as well as receive supervision from esteemed faculty. The Department also has a plethora of equipment and assessment measures for clinical research that students can use for research purposes as well as develop and broaden their research skills. The facilities are pictured and described below.

*        Advanced instructional facilities are well-equipped, including the establishment of a psychology laboratory, specialty classrooms for clinical and counseling psychology, an organizational health and development laboratory, a psychological testing room, and an eye tracker laboratory.

*        Equipment for the psychology laboratories include: five sets of E-Prime, Vision Lab, illusion generator, EyeLink 1000 Desktop eye tracker, and 38 psychological tests, etc.

*       Free internet resources and software for students and faculty @ Asia University.

            A list of free software provided by Asia University.

800 A: Eyetracking Laboratory for Visual Preference

800 A: Cognitive Psychology & Psychological Assessment Lab

M502: I/O Laboratory
Counseling & Clinical Psychology Laboratory


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One-Way Mirror Monitor Room
Counseling Labs
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Hardwood Flooring Classroom
Group Therapy Lab