Department of Psychology, Asia University

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*        Advanced instructional facilities are equipped, including establishment of laboratory of psychology, specialty classrooms for clinical and counseling psychology, organizational health and development laboratory, psychological testing room, and eye tracker laboratory.

*        Equipment for laboratories of psychology include five sets of E-Prime, Vision Lab, illusion generator, EyeLink 1000 Desktop eye tracker, and 38 different psychological testing, etc.

*       Free internet resources and softwares for students and faculty @ the Asia University.

            a list of free softwares provided by Asia University.


800 A: Eyetracking Laboratory for Visual Preference


800 A: Cognitive Psychology & Psychological Assessment Lab


M502: I/O Laboratory

  M510: Counseling & Clinical Psychology Laboratory


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One-Way Mirror Monitor Room
Counseling Labs
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Hardwood Flooring Classroom
Group Therapy Lab