Department of Psychology, Asia University

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Department Strengths



FacultyWining School of Ministry of Education "University Evaluation & Accreditation" 
Privite (group 3)


2005 HEEACT, Excellence in 6 major fields (Social Science, Engineering, Internationalization, Professional and Continuing Studies, Training & Guidance, Administration Support )






4 years in Ministry of Education "Teaching Excellence Project" Awards


「5i Teaching Excellence Project」 design based on long-term concerns and creative sprits, Awarded again by the Ministry of Education, with total funding of 83 million NTD ;Asia University was awarded 4 years in a row by this program, one of the top schools among private universities , and able to compete with public university. from 2006, the total awarded funding accumulated reaches 254 million NTD.






Well-planted Development Program


The department of psychology was established in august 2003, all planning on faculty, curriculum, facility has been optimized to meet top requirements.








Dep. of Psychology teaching & research faculty counts 15 Ph.D Professor / Assistance Professors and 2 professional lecturers.






Advanced Research Facilities


Lad Clinic / Organization Health and Development Research Lab / Visual Preference Eye Tracking Lab /  Cognitive Lab






MA Program


The Dep. of Psychology started its M.A. Program in 2007, one of the best choice in graduate studies.






Multi-perspective Curriculum


Combining fields of Helping expertises, Organization development and Cognitive-Neuro-Science, helping students acquire expert skills after graduate.