Department of Psychology, Asia University

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The Application Process for the Review of the Department of Psychology Master’s Degree Thesis Proposal.pdfThe Application Process for the Oral Examination-20230202.pdf
Procedures of Graduate Degree Examination Application-20230202.pdf


1.Thesis Advisor Agreement-(碩士論文指導教授同意書)

2.Application Form and Results of Master Degree Thesis Research Proposal Review Result-(碩士學位論文研究計畫書審查請表暨結果)

3.Master Degree Thesis Research Proposal Review Form-(碩士學位論文研究計劃審核評核表)

4.Application Form of Examination Time ofMaster Degree and In-service Master Degree(研究生學位考試時間申請表)

5.Application Form of Graduate Degree Examination(學位考試申請表)

6.Statement of Academic Ethics and Originality Comparison(亞洲大學學位論文學術倫理暨原創性聲明書)

7.Thesis Defense Evaluation Form(口試評分表)20130507

8.Report of Thesis Defense(評分總表)

9.Record Form for Thesis Defense(口試紀錄表)

10.Thesis Defense Committee Approval Page Format(審定書)


1.Ph.D.’ Program in Department of Healthcare Administration Specialty in Psychology, Asia University Doctoral dissertation Advisor Agreement(博士論文指導教授同意書)

2.Application_Form_for_PhD Qualification Exam_Video_Online(English).odt(博士資格考試申請表)

3.Department of Healthcare Administration Specialty in Psychology Report of PhD Qualification Exam(博士班資格考試評分總表)

4.Record Form for PhD Qualification Exam (博士班資格考口試紀錄表)

5.Application Form of Graduate Degree Examination(研究生學位考試申請表)_suen.docx

6.Application Form for the Examination Time of Doctoral Degree_suen.docx(博士班學位考試時間申請表)

7.Degree Exam Grading Form_suen.doc(研究生學位考試評分表)

8.Record Form for PhD Dissertation Defense_suen.doc(博士班畢業論文口試紀錄表)

9.Report of PhD Dissertation Defense_suen.doc(博士論文考試評分總表)

10.Dissertation Defense Committee Approval Page Format.doc(論文口試委員會審定書)

11.Application Form of Graduate Degree ExaminationVideo oral exam attachment form.odt