Department of Psychology, Asia University

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Features of Teaching




Enhance Theory and Practice

The department has clinical psychology, counseling, business, and experimental psychology laboratories that provide students with hands-on practice in and out of class to help them apply theory to practice. In addition, we have a close research and teaching collaboration with the hospital attached to the Chinese Medical University, which allows students to explore their interests and feelings in helping painful souls find happiness through the service learning courses in psychology and clinical psychology internship. The year-long internship in clinical psychology allows students to apply what they have learned in the classroom to serve patients, and to reflect on the application of theories and professional skills through patient feedback and feedback from the healthcare team.


Curriculum Selections

In order to meet the needs of students' learning interests, further education, and career development, the department offers two clusters of courses in clinical and business psychology, applied social and business psychology, and an interdisciplinary program in addiction prevention and treatment, which students are free to take according to their interests, aptitudes, and career development.


Enhanced Cooperative Relations

We have become one of the leading development and training centers for cognitive-behavioral psychotherapy in Asia and are able to incorporate modern biotechnology and internet technologies to develop innovative treatments for local cognitive behaviors. We have established research and teaching exchange networks with psychology departments at the University of Queensland, Chinese University of Hong Kong, Yale University, Boston University and other leading universities, equipping our students with multicultural competence and the latest international trends.


Digital Support in Teaching

 Department faculty members gather expertise in psychology-related fields and use multimedia and online teaching methods to assist in teaching, or use course-related information system packages as teaching aids to revitalize teaching content and improve overall teaching quality.


Life Education 
In addition to imparting psychological knowledge to students, we also emphasize life education for students, integrate required and elective general education courses, implement service learning, and cultivate a humanistic and socially caring spirit among students.


Explore Career Options

 After graduation, students can pursue a variety of career paths. In addition to pursuing further studies in graduate schools and obtaining professional licenses as clinical psychologists, business psychologists, and caregivers, they can also work in medical, corporate, social welfare, and legal organizations, engaging in counseling and human resource management, which will provide more security for their future employment.